The Mysteries of Brand Trust Revealed

Do you know how vital and important brand trust is to your business growth? It is fundamental to your success.

Trust is not a checklist. You cannot convince someone to trust your brand. You can’t rain analytical arguments on people to claim trust. Trust is earned. It is a feeling.

I was recently interviewed for Pet Food Industry magazine’s inaugural podcast program, and what ensued was a deep dive into an exploration of consumer relationships with brands, how they are created, where trust comes from and how brands earn it.

While the focus of the show is pet food brand building, the trust creation principles and guidance is relevant to any CPG food, beverage, lifestyle or retail brand. I know you will enjoy and benefit from this conversation with Lindsay Beaton, Editor of Pet Food Industry magazine.




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Robert Wheatley

Robert Wheatley

CEO of firm focused on helping brands understand, navigate and engage the consumer's growing passion for healthy living. Author, blogger, speaker. Home chef.